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Five Traits of Agile Leaders in Healthcare

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“I am easily satisfied with the very best”. This quote by Winston Churchill reminds me of the difference between Agile leaders and average leaders in healthcare. Agile leaders always look for opportunities to improve and never settle for ‘good enough’. Here are 5 traits that I have found common in Agile leaders: 1. Agile leaders are self-aware. They are confident and willing to take action, even in situations they have never encountered before. This powerful combination followed by intense self-reflection allows them to understand their strengths and weaknesses and adjust […]


“Work of Leaders”: 3 Critical Steps for the Successful Implementation of ANY Initiative.

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I am often shocked by how many initiatives are left to languish after so much time and energy was put into a program or project launch. How about you? Have you ever gone to one of your Department Heads or Managers and asked how a particular project was going and they looked back at you with such palpable discomfort you just knew the project was forgotten or even worse yet they look at you with a blank stare? Yes, it happens. Actually it happens more often than not. In a […]