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Unleash The Power of Disruptive Thinking

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How To Get Your Team To Go From Good to Better! The term disruption has been quickly gaining momentum since the early 2000’s. The challenge is that it means different things to different people.  So for today, let’s decide that the disruption we are talking about is how to do what you are doing today better than how you did it yesterday. How would you feel if your team members came to work wearing a hat every day that said, ‘DISRUPTOR’? Excited or exasperated?  I would be excited for a […]


The Power Of Count On Ability

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Accountability is by far one of the most pressing issues I come across as I work with teams who are striving to improve their results.  It is the issue we come back to over and over and one that frustrates many leaders.  Accountability is the exact opposite of “that’s not my job”.  It is about follow through and follow up and ultimately simply getting things done when you said you would.  It is recognizing that others need you to do your work so they can do theirs. Accountability is doing […]