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Kiki Kubik Orski

Kiki OrskiKiki Kubik Orski created Peak Performance Consulting after identifying a glaring need for Business Leadership Development. Her unique combination of corporate, healthcare and leadership experience positions her beautifully to help her clients achieve outstanding results. As primary consultant, she works directly with the executive team to drill down quickly to identify the root cause of business challenges and create immediately actionable roadmaps for success. Clients begin to look at their departments and their businesses in a more strategic, collaborative way helping to highlight opportunities, reduce redundancy, improve communication and amplify results.

The company blossomed when Kiki created her Exponential Leader program as a result of bumping up against silos in every organization she worked with.  She found a lack of leading across teams to be one of the largest contributors to poor results, low employee engagement and dissatisfied customers. It was very evident in both corporate America and healthcare as Kiki watched many very skilled employees work their way up the ranks only to find that the skills needed for Leadership were not the same skills that made them successful as individual contributors. Once customers engage with Kiki, silos are smashed and new levels of success are immediately within reach.

Armed with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing, a Master’s degree in business and a concentration in Lean Six Sigma, Kiki faces this leadership challenge from a solid perspective both academically and practically. Her authenticity as expert in the leadership industry is further strengthened by being an active member and speaker for many national and local organizations, including The Society of Human Resource Management, The American Organization of Nurse Executives and the Association of Talent Development.