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People and Strategic Partnerships

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How many teams are you on at work? Well according to HBR…the world of work is now a network of teams and surveys have reported people saying they are on a minimum of 5-6 teams at any one time. In order to be successful, you MUST be able to navigate these teams well. It does not matter how smart you are…or what position you hold……if you cannot work well with other members on your teams. Work is done with and through others. So who do you need to build, strengthen […]


What’s Your Agility Ability?

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I have a question: “What’s Your Agility Ability?” That question is based on an article I had published back in 2017 when the word agile only referred to the fast changing world of technology. Now it seems everyone is using the term. How can I help you to increase your agility ability as a leader on any team? I introduced the Agile Leader Matrix™ when my business strategy coaching clients asked for a systematic model they could use with any initiative they were working on. The four quadrant matrix identifies […]