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The Power of Saying Yes

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Our Power of Leadership topic is Commitment: The Power of Saying Yes and also The Potential Pain! Of course, when you say yes to an opportunity or an initiative or a new role it will entail more work on your part. That is a given, so say yes when you can truly do your best work and highlight your talents, contribute to a team that needs your expertise or learn some amazing new skills. However, there is one more consideration; how will you fit in? Crazy question right? You will […]


Commitment: Powerful or Painful

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This is a tough topic for me to write and speak on.  I committed to recording a video for you every week just last month and frankly I blew it!  I missed a week and it happened so quickly and so easily.  As I reflected on this misstep, I realized this is exactly what happens in the organizations I work with!  Commitments are made with the best of intentions, with fervor and dedication and intensity.  Yet, commitments are broken daily.  Why is it so hard to keep our commitments? I […]