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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team helps professionals and their organizations learn how to work better and more effectively on teams, leading to a noticeable improvement in morale, productivity and results.

Everything DISC

Everything DiSC Suite of Products

Personalized. Specialized. In-Depth. Everything DiSC® profiles use the third-generation of the DiSC® assessment to help learners be more effective in the workplace...every step of their career.

Vital Leadership

Effective Managers Retain the Best Employees.

While a savvy manager can inspire and motivate team members, a poor manager has the opposite effect, and the entire department can suffer. Engage employees and improve productivity with the Leadership Series.

Great Leaders

Great Leaders. Great Results.

Research shows...#1 reason employees leave is their immediate boss! Peak Performance Consulting programs are customized to bring you success through your Leadership team.


2020 Insight

FEEDBACK is the cornerstone of all improvement. Use our 2020 insight surveys to gain valuable information about your business, your employees, your physicians and your customers.

Intention, Focus, Follow Through and Follow Up

Meet Kiki and the Peak Performance Team

Kiki Kubik Orski created Peak Performance Consulting in 1998 after identifying a glaring need for Business Leadership Development in Healthcare. Her unique combination of corporate and clinical experience positions her beautifully to help her clients achieve outstanding results. As primary consultant, she works directly with the customer to drill down quickly to identify the root cause of business challenges and create immediately actionable roadmaps for success.

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Kiki Orski

We at Peak Performance Consulting are dedicated to helping organizations create an environment where employees CAN and WANT to do their very best work ! How do we help you get great results? … through Great Leadership. We believe Leadership excellence is the key to success for any organization whether finance, manufacturing or retail. Each organization has its own special qualities and its own special challenges… we help you identify these and create an action plan to address these challenges, monitor for improvement and then systematize for success. Since 1998, we have been helping organizations just like yours realize their goal…develop leaders, motivate and retain employees and satisfy the customers, clients and patients.

We follow a very simple formula:

Let’s take this a little further step by step. In any organization, the RIGHT People with the RIGHT skills and talents will help to make sure your Processes are running smoothly. Can you have Great People without Great Processes and still have Great Performance? Maybe…for a short while…but then your best people burn out and leave. How about Great Processes without Great People? Nope. All the best processes in the world will not stand the test of time without the right People and the right Leadership in place to keep them alive and running smoothly.

Sustainable Successful Performance needs both

Here on this very website you can read more about how we help your leaders get outstanding results in your organization through:

SURVEYS: to get a clear picture of your organization. Whether your goal is to get a snapshot view of a moment in time in one department or the baseline metrics you will need to MEASURE your progress over time, we can help. Organizational Climate Surveys, 360 Degree Feedback, and Employee, Customer and Physician and Patient Satisfaction Surveys. Real Time.

EMPLOYEE TRAINING: Employee assessments are the foundation of our programs. Assessments have been proven over time to make the training personal and therefor more valuable to the employee. We use them so the individuals in your organization can truly understand their role in the success of your organization. It is these very same assessments DiSC®, Work Expectations, Team Dimensions® and Time Mastery that help your employees discover their strengths while learning new skills.

TRAIN TO INGRAIN: A process to sustain any learning in your organization and ensure you achieve the Organizational Culture Change you are looking for. This doesn’t happen overnight and it surely doesn’t happen solely with one four hour seminar. Change of this magnitude takes time. Let us help you.

The MAP Challenge: Have your leaders take the Managerial Assessment of Proficiency Assessment and compare their results to a database of over 100,000 managers worldwide. Then you can tailor your Management Development Program to truly address the critical needs in your organization.

Laser Works* Program: We work directly with your Managers to take a department and turn it around using real time metrics. Our most exclusive package.

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“The presentation on “Happiness… It’ your Choice” was amazing. Kiki presented everything in a way that was simple enough for me to stay focused and engaged yet it was stimulating and thought provoking. Kiki has a style that is unmatched, with her ability to pull you in, give you important info and make you feel better for having heard it. Kiki embodies the “practice what you preach” mentality, with her passion and commitment shining through. I have implemented her gratitude technique of listing five things that I am grateful for, each night before bed. I feel that I am not only more at peace when I go to sleep but I am in more positive spirits when I wake in the morning. The power of the mind is amazing and Kiki tapped into it in an exhilarating and fun way. I highly recommend that, given the opportunity, you go see one of Kiki’s presentations. You will be so glad you did. ” ~Liz, Esq., Vaz Law