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Big Thinker who strives to help individuals and company perform to it’s best! I will share her book to everyone in the management team and to my HR friends. Thank you Kiki! ‑Marco Gutierrez
Kiki is right on target with her 'Smash the Silos' Book! Her presentation was very engaging, informative and well worth my time! ‑Esi
Thank you again for a fabulous evening full of insights and energy! You kept everyone engaged in the presentation with some very positive feedback. I appreciate you presenting to our members! You were a hit! ‑Wendi
If you're looking to improve cross-functional collaboration and alignment of goals at your company or with your clients, Kiki's book, 'Smash the Silos' is a must read. Kiki's presentation was fun, high energy, and I left with a list of easy-to-implement strategies that I look forward to trying. ‑Kara
Kiki is right on target with her 'Smash the Silos' book! Her presentation was fun, interactive, and well worth my time! I recommend her presentation to training professionals in small and large companies alike, as most of us have some type of silos in our organizations that we are navigating through. She will give you great, realistic advice on how to 'smash the silos' and work more collaboratively with other departments across your business. ‑Christine Kostic, Chapter President, St. Louis ATD

Meet Kiki Orski

Founder of Peak Performance Consulting

Kiki is a dynamic, practical, and experienced business strategy coach who leads clients to outstanding results. She walks into a room of executives and immediately captivates and motivates even the most hesitant. Kiki takes to any consultation a shrewd, strategic eye for untapped opportunities.

As the primary consultant for Peak Performance Consulting, she helps executive teams drill down quickly to the root cause of business challenges. She then gives them practical tools to create immediate and actionable roadmaps for success. Kiki empowers clients to examine their own leadership, their departments, and their businesses in a more strategic, collaborative way. It is a process that unveils opportunities, reduces redundancy, improves communications, and amplifies results.

Peak Performance Consulting is the inevitable product of Kiki’s talent and frustration with bumping up against silos in every organization she worked with. Those experiences led her to envision solutions to a lack of leading across teams, which contributes to poor results, low employee engagement, and dissatisfied customers.

Kiki Orski Peak Performance Leader

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