Give Your Leaders the Skills They Need to Succeed

Give Your Leaders the Skills They Need to Succeed

When is the last time you had leadership training that made a difference?

How many improvements to the organization were realized and sustained as a result of that training?

If you are like most healthcare organizations… the answer to these questions is too long ago and not enough!

Traditionally, employees who excel at their work are promoted to a managerial or supervisory leadership role, and while clinical and technical excellence serves as the foundation, it is not enough to ensure success in the role of having employees report directly to them. Knowing how important the role of Leadership is in creating a positive environment; managers, supervisors and directors need to be equipped with the tools and processes for understanding, motivating and leading their individual direct reports. They are responsible for creating an environment where people want to perform their best, reach goals, successfully complete projects and achieve outstanding outcomes.

Some managers, supervisors and directors can perform successfully without any formal training and learn the skills on the job. This is rare and relying on innate talents can be a costly mistake in the long run to the team and to the organization. According to research cited in HR Professionals magazine, a survey showed that only 52% of companies trained their leaders once a year or less. This lack of training is reflected in a Conference Board Report which found that less than 1/3 of all supervisors or managers were perceived to be strong leaders. Are these statistics the same for your organization? Are 2/3 of your managers, supervisors and directors underperforming? Are 2/3 of your managers, supervisors and directors causing you stress, poor employee engagement, lost revenue, and dissatisfied customers?

Give your management team the skills they need to succeed! Knowing that you need options for delivering this kind of learning to help your Leadership team excel, Peak Performance is pleased to announce our partnership with Vital Learning and their comprehensive training solution called Leadership Essentials. 

Leadership Essentials is a behavioral based, developmental process designed to provide managers, supervisors and directors, at every level, with the skills necessary to be successful in their role. Whether new to their role or experienced, they will learn the skills necessary for creating a positive, productive and outcomes oriented workplace.

Leadership Essential Modules

  • Everything DiSC© Management
  • Essential Skills of Leadership
  • Providing Performance Feedback
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Essential Skills of Communication
  • Managing Complaints
  • Developing Performance Goals
  • Coaching Job Skills
  • Delegating Effectively
  • Supporting Change Efforts
  • Effective Discipline
  • Improving Work Habits

What differentiates Leadership Essentials from other leadership programs?

Leadership Essentials differs from many other programs because of it’s blended use of training, coaching, teaching, and assessment of skills. The process utilizes behavioral based modeling as well as structured easy to implement activities that require learning to be shared between supervisor and their direct reports as well as between the supervisor and their boss.

Which modules do we use?

Leadership Essentials modules are designed to build on each other, however you can customize the program to meet your organizational needs. Our initial Managerial Needs Assessment and Organizational Culture and Climate Assessment can help you decide how to proceed.

How often do we schedule modules?

You decide! Sessions can be scheduled individually, every 2-4 weeks, or presented in multiple sessions all at once. We suggest monthly sessions with specifically designed follow up activities to ensure learning is taking place in the workplace and outcomes are sustainable.

Who does the training and follow up for sustainability?

Once again, it is your choice! Bring Peak Performance in to facilitate your program, use your own Organizational Development Department professionals or use a combined approach. Let us help you customize a program that meets YOUR specific organizational management needs and decide how best to prepare your managers, directors and supervisors to excel.

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