Summer Edition: Why Doing What You Love is Important

Summer Edition: Why Doing What You Love is Important

Are You Happy At Work?

Here’s why it matters!

Who would you rather take care of you? A happy employee or one that isn’t? I want someone who is excited to come to work, who has a smile on their face, and who cannot wait to take on the challenges of the day. Sound crazy? I don’t think so. Yet, the research indicates the general workforce, which includes healthcare, is overwhelmingly not excited to go to work. Is that you too? So for this special summer edition, I thought I would focus on why doing what you love is beneficial for you and everyone around you; and a few ideas to help if you are not one of the lucky few that can’t wait to go to work.

You are more motivated.

When you love what you do, there is a deep sense of contentment which overflows into every interaction you have. You are excited to go the extra mile, work hard, put in more hours and give your best effort. When you focus on activities you love, you find the time. Challenges make you stronger and by taking on challenges that give you a thrill, you will work with all your might. When you’re passionate about what you do, you are more likely to take initiative in learning every aspect of it, thus becoming an expert and a leader in your field. You will find yourself improving with time, ultimately making you more marketable and successful in achieving your ambitions.

You become a source of motivation for others.

If you love what you do you are probably willing to do what it takes to excel individually, which will enable you to better serve others and be an effective role model. When you do things you enjoy, people notice. You will become a source of inspiration to all who come within your path. When you love your work and are passionate about everything you do, people will be more likely to follow in your footsteps and work just as hard. Without deep conviction for what you do, you cannot convince anyone to follow your lead. The more engaged you are, the more effective a leader you will become.

Not totally loving what you are presently doing?

Here are three steps to help you find your joy:

1) Take the time to do the self-reflection needed to figure out what you would really love to do. And then…
a. Hire a life coach. Their only goal is to help you be your best self.
b. Go to a Tony Robbins event or listen to his blog. One of my favorites is where he interviews Pit Bull on how his troubled childhood helped him to become a super star.
c. Investigate Mary Morrissey and take her Dream Builder Live course. Her system helps you to Be, Do or Have whatever you can imagine AND are willing to work for.

2) Explore what you can do in your present role to help position you successfully for a new opportunity in the near future.
a. Volunteer for a new project
b. Lead a new initiative
c. Learn a new skill that interests you
d. Shadow someone you admire

3) While still doing your best work in your present role, start looking for a new one.
a. Meet with an executive recruiter to see what new roles you are truly qualified for. They succeed when you succeed, so they won’t waste time sending you for interviews you are not perfectly suited for.
b. Go to association meetings for your dream role. Talk with others in the role you would love to have and see what advice they can give you…and then act on that advice.
c. Go back to your alumni career center and do the career inventory assessments again. Take a Work Expectations assessment with me. Do the “Perfect Day In My Life” Exercise. Understand that your happiness is no one else’s responsibility…but yours and yours alone.

Now go take on this beautiful summer day!


Have twenty more minutes? Listen to Tony Robbins interview Pit Bull. Two men who absolutely love what they do…despite many struggles along the way.

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