Want Your Teams to Perform Better?

Want Your Teams to Perform Better?

Then we have wonderful news for you! Kiki will be presenting at the 30th Annual HIA-LI Tradeshow on May 31st. Come hear her present, in her upbeat, high energy style, the Patrick Lencioni model used by thousands of teams to get better results! Kiki will share how she uses this model with her clients. You will leave her session armed with immediately actionable ways to get your team performing at its best.

Need another reason to hear Kiki speak about the tangible benefits you can achieve on your team? Visit Project Aristotle and read about the research Google has done to understand why certain teams do better than others. The researchers list Psychological Safety as the first dynamic that sets successful teams apart from the other teams at Google. It is exactly what Patrick Lencioni describes as “vulnerability based trust”. Vulnerability based trust, much different than predictive trust, refers to a team member’s ability to be completely honest with others without having to worry about repercussions from their disclosures.

Come get valuable insight during Kiki’s session “Teamwork at the Top: 5 Behaviors Needed by EVERY Successful Team” and learn how building trust on your team can help you achieve concrete, tangible improved business results!

Stay tuned as we send more information to you on each foundational principle of this tried and true teamwork improvement model!

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