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Customer Service Workshops

Customer Service Overview

Customer loyalty is essential to the success of every organization, whether healthcare, finance, manufacturing or retail. The Customer Service workshops provide participants with skills, and strategies to work effectively with all customers—internal and external—to create a positive customer impression and to build lasting relationships. Peak Performance Consulting hosts workshops throughout the New York City metro area to address these issues.

Participants will learn skills to uncover and understand customers’ needs, communicate effectively and professionally, and diffuse potentially unproductive situations. Workshops are customized with you to include typical customer scenarios and situations from your organization.

Choice of formats:
Customer service programs are available as on-line self-study, in-class workshops, or a blend of on-line and in-class workshops. Organizational training departments may choose to deliver any of these programs in-house. Facilitator Kits and train-the-trainer options are available.

Course length: Courses vary in length from one-half to three days, with 1 – 2 hours online.

PPC customizes your programs to ensure they meet your organizational learning needs and goals while providing the greatest benefit to your employees.