3 Tips to Help Leaders Get Through the Middle

3 Tips to Help Leaders Get Through the Middle

What is the middle? This uncertain time of figuring out what normal will look like as we lead our teams into tomorrow.  So how do you, as a leader, continue when you are working more hours, work-life boundaries are blurred and a feeling of disconnect is looming?  Here are three suggestions…

  • Re-connect with your team in a big way. Yes, you talk to them daily but are you connecting as “a team”.  They are feeling dis-engaged…even your millennials! Plan a few hours on Zoom or Teams or in person if you have the space to do it safely.  Plan it well.  Share valuable information, book a guest speaker, incorporate meaningful breakout activities, and use the features of your virtual platform to help you increase engagement.  It is time to rally your team.  Productivity may be high but Gallup data* is showing engagement levels back down to pre-pandemic levels.  Showcase your skill as an inspirational leader and give them hope for a new and better future.
  • Have weekly 1:1’s: I know you are busy, however, don’t discount the power of this meaningful one-to-one interaction where you are looking right into the eye of your team member. It helps them to feel heard (even when virtual) and valued. Feeling heard has been cited as a top motivator for team members.

Simply ask these 4 questions:

How are you?

What’s your priority this week?

Where will your biggest challenges be?

How can I help?

  • Create water cooler opportunities: Whether it be a set time weekly where everyone can gather on your preferred virtual platform and “work together” companionably or a once-a-week virtual shared lunch open to all. Foster the types of communication and relationships your team members are craving to feel connected again.  These connections may help mitigate some of the stress and worry many are feeling.

My question to you is…how are you handling being a leader ‘still in the middle? Please share your comments below and tell us what is working and what isn’t for your teams.  Let’s learn from each other.

Always striving to give you my best,


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