The Power of Saying Yes

The Power of Saying Yes

The Power of Saying Yes


Our Power of Leadership topic is Commitment: The Power of Saying Yes and also The Potential Pain!

Of course, when you say yes to an opportunity or an initiative or a new role it will entail more work on your part. That is a given, so say yes when you can truly do your best work and highlight your talents, contribute to a team that needs your expertise or learn some amazing new skills.

However, there is one more consideration; how will you fit in? Crazy question right?

You will fit in the same as you have always fit in! Well not really according to Libby Sartain, who has held the CHRO position for both Southwest Airlines and Yahoo.

After watching her tips for successfully fitting in to a new group, the message I heard loud and clear is to
sit back for just a bit and learn how things are done on that team. I know it may not be your style, you
may want to jump right in and start sharing opinion, weighing in on concerns and becoming an active
valuable contributor to the group. And you will. However, perhaps you earn those rights faster once
you realize that truly becoming a part of this team may take time.

All relationships, even old ones in new settings, still go through the same process on the way to becoming great.

Just because you say yes does not mean you can bypass the process of building trust. You may have weighed the pros and cons of joining the team and realized the work you will have to put in will absolutely pay you back in spades. You are also cautiously optimistic, because the decision will likely position you for future success in the organization. Those reasons do not automatically guarantee that the team will feel the same about you and welcome you with open arms.  You will not ‘automatically’ be part of the team. You still have to earn their trust.

Saying yes is a big part of leadership. Embracing new opportunities, new learning, and new relationships are key attributes of the most successful leaders I know. Watch the Libby Sartain LinkedIn video to learn how you can position yourself for success the minute you say yes!

Now go be the best leader you can be!


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