What Has Changed?

What Has Changed?

Leading a team is hard work! Leading in VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) is even harder!  But perhaps it is time to take some time to sit alone and just think.

The term VUCA has been around since at least the 80’s.  The world is changing rapidly…how you do business is changing rapidly.  But the constantly changing business environment of today is more normal than you think.  Please do not think for a moment I am trying to minimize or trivialize the impact of COVID 19…I am simply grappling with my own rapidly changing business model.  Here’s my thinking…I would love to hear yours!

What has changed for most of us is not what we do…it is how we do it. If you provided nourishment prior to COVID, most likely you still do.  Same for legal advice, insurance, beauty supplies, fast food, groceries, cars or travel.  You are still doing it…it is the ‘how’ you are doing it that has changed.  But haven’t you been down this road before?  Haven’t you adjusted and flexed and adapted a million times as a leader in your field?

Start with yourself.  What’s been the hardest change for you, as a leader of a team, since COVID?  Is it that you don’t like the changes you had to make or you can’t do it?  For me, it had been that I don’t like the changes…but I absolutely can do it!  And some of the business leaders I have been interviewing for my book have changed quicker, faster and more easily than ever before…not the what they do…but  the how they do it.  In my small sample size, some are now bringing in more revenue and profit than prior to COVID 19.

So my question remains, what has been the hardest for you to change as a leader of a team since COVID?   Once you have that question answered perhaps you will be surprised and see that you can be just as effective and just as successful by making a few changes to your “how you do it” because for most of us…what we do has not changed at all!

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