What’s Your Agility Ability?

What's Your Agility Ability?

What’s Your Agility Ability?

I have a question: “What’s Your Agility Ability?”

That question is based on an article I had published back in 2017 when the word agile only referred to the fast changing world of technology. Now it seems everyone is using the term.

How can I help you to increase your agility ability as a leader on any team?

I introduced the Agile Leader Matrix™ when my business strategy coaching clients asked for a systematic model they could use with any initiative they were working on. The four quadrant matrix identifies the 4P’s:

  • Personal Professional Development
  • People and Strategic Partnerships
  • Process and Procedure
  • Progress and Performance Metrics

We will begin with Personal Professional Development because we must always ‘start with self’. 

Here are four tips to help you move in a positive direction along the Agile Leader matrix and embrace your personal professional development.

  1. Ask your teammates. Ask your employees. Ask your peers. How am I doing? Be like Ed Koch, the mayor of NYC back in the 80’s who always walked around asking that exact question.
  2. Ask specifically “what can I do to help you do better on this team or in this department?”
  3. Ask for a 360! If you do a 360 Degree feedback assessment tool you will get feedback from everyone who is lateral to you, those who are above you and those who report to you. The Everything DiSC 363 Assessment Tool is a wonderful way to get positive and powerful feedback.
  4. Hire a coach.

If you would like a copy of my article, please email me at kiki@PeakPerformanceLeader.com I would love to share it with you.

Now go be the best leader you can be!



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